How long should a blog post be? Is there a maximum length? A minimum? I just don’t know, really.

And what should they be about … I post sermons here; I post pieces about my glass collection here. What else?

How about dreams? I had a dream last night. I was driving with my wife and daughter through Italy. (I have no idea where my son or any other family member might have been; it was just the three of us.) Actually, my wife was driving. I was in the passenger seat and our daughter was in the back seat.

We drove through Umbrian vineyards.

We drove through fields of Tuscan sunflowers.

We drove past towns that were unlike anything I ever saw in Italy – these towns had Whole Foods Supermarkets and Starbuck’s coffee shops and other such businesses from the American commercial landscape, not from the Italian vista.

Why we were on this drive I have no idea. Where were we driving from? Where were we driving too? No clue.

But that’s the nature of dreams.

I’ve been thinking about this dream all day. I don’t think it has any deep significance. It just stuck with me. I thought to myself, “I could write a long blog post analyzing this dream.” And then I thought, “No. I’ll just share it.” I don’t know how long a blog post should be. How long should a blog post be?