I decided to change the name of this blog …. the original name was “Cad air a bhfuilim ag smaoineamh ar maidin?” which is Irish for “What am I thinking about this morning?” That was an appropriate title when its purpose was documenting my Celtic/Gaelic sabbatical in Ireland and Scotland, but it has morphed into (mostly) a daily mediation on scripture focusing on the lessons in the Daily Office Lectionary of the Episcopal Church. So the new name, “That Which We Have Heard & Known” is taken from the Psalms – specifically Psalm 78, verse 3, as translated in The Book of Common Prayer (1979):

That which we have heard and known,
and what our forefathers have told us, *
we will not hide from their children.

So … no change to the URL, but a new name more suggestive of the blog’s content.