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Experiment with Facebook Photos

Just as an experiment…

Facebook’s photo album application says that one can share photos “with anyone” by sending them a link by email….

So I thought maybe I could include that same link would work on the blog.

On the first day my daughter Caitlin and her friend Jeff were here, we had breakfast at Bewley’s Tea Room in Dublin. On leaving, we found a hammered dulcimer player just outside on Grafton Street. Then we went to the Guinness Storehouse for the “Guinness Experience” and finally we went to Black Church Print Makers, a cooperative of artists who work in the same media that Caitlin prefers.

Here are photos from that first day: Dublin with Caitlin and Jeff.


  1. Jack Hose

    The Facebook pictures work fine.

  2. eric

    Thanks, Jack … I’ll put more links up in that case.

  3. Bobbie Foy

    We have been following your posts.
    When the Foy family visited the Guinness brewery in July we ran into a student of mine (literally) from Medina…that I had a few years back. She is no longer a elementary student, but an old college student doing a summer internship. What are the chances of that?

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