Today was our last full day in Scotland and also my birthday. Evie and I spent it enjoying a bus tour of a small section of the Scottish Borders. We went first to Scott’s View, a place where Sir Walter Scott is said to have spent a lot of time in contemplation seeking inspiration for this novels. We then traveled on to Melrose Abbey (which I had visited once before), making an unscheduled stop along the way in the village of Stow where we saw the “bridge to heaven”. After Melrose Abbey we went to a “garden center” called Dobbie’s for lunch – I know that sounds weird, but I’ll have more to write about that (and a lot of other things) later on. After lunch we went to Rosslyn Chapel which was made famous (or infamous) by Dan Browne in The DaVinci Code. And then it was back to Edinburgh. It was a Grey Line Tour and our bus driver and guide was Allen Fee (not sure about the spelling of his names) – if you have a chance to take the tour with Allen, he’s great!

It’s been a good day. I’ll have photos and a lot of comments about our Scottish adventure in future blog entries.

When next I write, it will be from the States!