Loaded Dishwasher

Marriage: Early Morning

Morning, gray mist,
caressing warm mug,
rich coffee steam,
senses alert but soothed,
peaceful moment,
quiet moment,
almost, not quite, silent,
like a kitten softly purring.

Clank of glass!
Clink of china!
Rattle of flatware!
Slam of dishwasher door!
Why must she do this now?
Every nerve jarred and
stretched like a rubber band
just before it breaks.
My ears hurt!

How could two people have
such different rhythms
after decades

“Please,” I want to say,
“Please . . . .”
Like some cat mewling
for its morning kibble.
“Please, can’t we enjoy
the morning’s silence?”

But, no. Best to endure,
just a moment . . .
or ten . . . or twenty.
Over, it will be over,
sometime . . . soon?

– by C Eric Funston, 10 September 2014