Silence, Morpheus! (Love in Old Age) – A Poem

It is not passionate, this companionship of ours.
Not often physical, but it is comfortable.
Shared solitude stretching for endless hours,
Lovingly, we languish in stillness amiable.

Eros once eagerly found our bed; Agape tended board.
Phileo, surely, has been with us, and Storge often hovered near.
Now old friends of passing ‘quaintance ‘casionally restored,
They, like us, relaxed in wonder, softly murmur, “Oh, my dear!”

There was another long ago, long before I knew your name;
Another whose heart I treasured, another body that I prayed
Would lay beside me in the dark and to my body would stake claim.
That other now is gone, departed; but you have never strayed.

Silence, Morpheus! Be gone, thou tempter with thy silken touch.
I want not thy former dreams! I have my love with whom I share so much.

By C. Eric Funston – 1 September 2015